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My Hero Academia: Hero Museum Update 3

It's been a while since my last update but I have a whole lot to share now!

Ochako Uraraka's Hero Costume:

I think I'm completely done with the modelling and texturing work on Uraraka's costume now. The next stage is to begin properly rigging the model so it can be posed. Initially, i thought about using the Rigify addon in Blender to rig it, but I decided to learn the whole rig and weight paint process myself for the 7 characters this project will have. Hopefully I'll be good at rigging and weight painting in Blender after all that!

Hero Musuem Segment:

I'm mostly happy with the hall section of the hero musuem, there needs to be a few more more details added in here and there but im mostly happy with the layout:

I have also begun texturing this section as it if was a section for Uraraka:

Overall, I'm extremely happy with how the texturing has come out so far, for a work in progress. The posed Uraraka hero costume is still temporary, as this version was unsuitable was being rigged. I definetly made the right choice with asking for the cosplayer (bepo_chan_) if I could use her Uraraka cosplay photos, I think it looks so much better this way instead of using images from the show. Please check out her instagram @_bepo_chan

Izuku Midoriya Hero Costume:

Because I absolutely detest rigging, I started to move forward working on Izuku Midoriya's hero costume, It's still in a very basic state right now:

Total Time Spent: 85 Hours

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