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My Hero Academia: Hero Museum Hall Update 1 - Week 15/08/2022

The goal for this project is to create a section of a Hero Museum, set in the world of My Hero Academia. Currently, I currently have a whitebox set up for the museum, mainly all placeholder models and the start of Ochako Uraraka's hero costume.

I plan to have 7 heroes represented within his piece, these heroes being:

- All Might

- Izuku Midoryia

- Katsuki Bakugo

- Eijiro Kirishima

- Ocahko Uraraka

- Tsuyu Asui

- Itsuka Kendo

As well as museum information boards with details about each hero and images of said hero.

I usually try and tend more towards realism for my projects, and I'll be doing this for this project too, as well as doing some experimenting with shaders to try and create a toon version of the scene as well.

However, I believe that using images from the anime as posters to show off the chosen heroes might end up looking quite strange, given that the rest of the environment will look more realistic. My solution here is to search for cosplayers of these characters via Instagram and ask to use their images (with proper crediting of course and other stipulations that they require). I feel like this will help bring the whole look for the museum together, as well as show off talented cosplayers work being used within another project.

Total Time Spent: 13 hours.

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