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My Hero Academia: Hero Museum Hall Update 2 - Week 22/08/2022

Work this week has been spent on creating Ochaka Uraraka's hero costume (I may have gone a little overboard on this, my timesheet says i spent 22 hours on it this week):

Currently, I have a base modelled for her suit with a good chunk of the suit having some preliminary texture work, just to get a feel for what im currently working with and to decided if some more modelling work needs to be done.

Initially, her boots were a bit of a shapeless mess and didnt look good for a project that was meant to looking more "realistic". After some discussion with my friend Tom ( we decided that it might look good to split the boots up some more, looking at the armoured boots that knights might have, as well as Iron Man's earlier MCU suits for some ideas as to how the boots could come about to let the user's foot in.

In the next stage is to continue with the prelimary texturing stage and to hopefully have a full set of basic textures so i can determine if anymore modelling needs to be done or if any existing meshes need to be altered.

Total Time Spent: 35 hours

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