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Hannah Toomes Update Week 12 - 03/07/2022

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Here we are again, with another 2 week update. This is starting to become a bit too common for my liking, but i might be experiencing some amount of burn out with this project, which leads me to working on it less than i really should be, leading to less output to show. I'm going to try and rectify this and work on this project a bit more often than I currently am.

I think the main reason for the lack of working is because I'm reaching a few stages where I'm either

- Unsure of what I need to do next on a specifc piece i.e. I need to do her ears but I have been struggling to get a base that I'm happy to continue with. This will often lead to a lot of going around in circles and the time spent is more or less wasted.

- I'm not particularly confident in my Zbrush skills, so moving onto the next step is a tricky jump to make, as I know id struggle a lot later on if the base isnt correct and I'm not confident in my skills to fix those under-lying issues.

Onto the work for the last two weeks:

Although it might not look like much has changed for the last 2 weeks, the main bits I have been working on are:

- The hands (adding in the finger nails mainly)

- Her boots (which are ,admittedly, majorly scuffed right now but its more than I had at the begining of the week, so thats something!)

- Blocking in her robot arm (as this will have an impact when I'm cloth simming).

For the above image, I have removed the sleeve on the side with the robot arm to show what I have with it currently. Athough I fully intended to have the full sleeve on that side, Im kinda liking the "no sleeve" look on that side a bit? It breaks up the symmetry a bit more so I might consider having a torn sleeve on that side, either at the elbow or further up the arm.

With this type of jacket having an elastic end piece at the wrist and doubting that elastic piece would easily get over the silver ring connecting her arm to the rest of her, I feel like having it ripped at the elbow might also be more "practical" from a character design stand point.

Total Time Spent: 136 hours.

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