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Hannah Toomes Update 2 - 10/04/2022

Week 2 Update for Hannah Toomes:

This week has mainly still be spent on drawing and concepting:

Iv spent a majority of the time this week working on the model sheet. I added in some clothes and hairstyles, as well as working on the side view. I noticed that some of the proportions were a bit busted and ,after overlaying another character sheet over the stop, managed to fix these issues.

Hairstyle 1 :

Shorter brunette ear tuck

Hairstyle 2:

Longer blonder ear tuck with pinked dyed tips

Robot Hand:

The time spent on this was mainly used to flesh out the structure of the hand, working out how each piece under the external plating would fit together.

I opted to stick with a basic joints that would mimic real life hands the knuckles would have a robotic ball joint to allow movement in all directions, whilst the fingers would have robotic hinge joints (see the tiny sketch).

I plan to integrate some of these joints with some of her props i.e. one tool she will have will be an electric screwdriver. I plan to have the screwdriver head by in the tip of the index finger, so if the ball joint knucle in her index finger were to spin fast, that fullfils the "electric" part of the electric screwdriver

Tattoo WIP - Gear Clock:

A new tattoo for her, based of a gear clock. right now, that tattoos havent been a priority, as they wont affect the modelling in anyway and can be revisited during the texturing stage.

Total Time Spent: 35 hours



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