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Hannah Toomes Update - 17/04/2022

Week 3 update for Hannah Toomes:

Like the last 2 weeks, work has mainly been spent on concepting, with some updates to the mood board (not shown here). My current plan is to spend the remainder of the month to do some additional drawing and concepting, then move into Zbrush at the begining of May, if im happy with what I have in terms of a model sheet and concept art.


- Brunette shorter ear tuck.

- Blonder longer ear tuck with faded pink ends.

- Brunette ponytail with bangs (needs some redrawing and refinement).

- "Retro" aviator goggles.


- Tank top.

- A tattered and ripped crop top.

- Long sleeve black top, with a ripped right sleeve to make room for her robotic arm.


- Simple green jacket.

- Sleeveless coat, does well at hiding her tool belt.


- Simple slim fit blue jeans. (still needs some detail work)

- Black ripped trousers (ripped is always fashionable, right?).

- Cargo Trousers.


- Leather boots.

- Open black combat (ish) boots.

- Thief's toolbelt with several pouches and small cylindrical container.

- Robotic arm.

- Alternating shell colours between brass/bronze and another silvery metal.

- Compartments on the inner and outer lower arm for storing tools etc

- Maintenance panels on the top and bottom of palm.

- Ball joints for the wrist and knuckle joints, will enable to hand to spin

- Scratches and cracks on the shell to indicate heavy use (as you would expect for a robotic prosthetic)

- Painted finger nails to match her other hand. Most of the nail is painted black with purple tips. Nail paint will be faded and scratched off as needs be.

Total time spent so far: 52 hours.

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