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Hannah Toomes Update - 03/04/2012

First post during the (probably) very long project remaking my "Hannah Toomes" character. The main progress this week has been spent on concepting, including making a moodboard and starting to sketch out her model sheet, a sketch for her robot arm and her possible tattoos.


Moodboard with possible shirts, jackets, trousers, hair styles and other props she may need etc.


Beginings of the model sheet.


Sketching over a female hand reference ( to start working out what I want the hand part of her arm to look like.


Sketches of the tattoos that Hannah Toomes could have.

- The mask (top left) is based on Marvel's Black Cat, a cat burgular character, as part of Hannah's backstory will be that she is a thief for hire and I thought it would be a nice reference / easter egg

- Bottom left is a set of (poorly drawn) cat pawprints that I envision will be placed running up her arm, another reference to her being a cat burgular

- Top right is a reference to the Robin Hood character (spelled as Robyn to be more effeminate). Another reference to Hannah's life as a thief for hire.

The plan for the coming week is to carry on with the concepting stage as well as trying to get a more solid backstory for her written down to help influence design choices.

Rogh total time spent so far: 18 hours 49 minutes

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