The Keeper


'The Keeper' is a short horror themed puzzle game, where the player (a Victorian era orphan) must enter the dreams of the other residents of the Orphanage and stop 'The Keeper' (an entity who resides within the Orphanage and feeds on dreams). This game was made for the Game Studio Project at BU in 2019

As a group, we all jumped around and worked on different areas. The areas listed underneath the names are the primary areas we worked on. For a gameplay demo, see my colleague's (Tom Udale) website at the link here -

Ethan Southall- Team Lead

Level Design, Hard Surface Modelling, Texturing

Hamil Lee - Design Lead

Yovko Doynov - Designer

Narrative, Level Design, Hard Surface Modelling, Play Testing


Steven Young

Narrative, Sound

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Davor Larsen - Programming Lead

Nazar Elsayed - Programmer


Tom Udale - Designer

Organic Modelling, Animation, Play Test

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