A solo project in Unreal Engine 4


Pyromania is a solo project that I started in August 2017 using UE4. One player plays as an early-teenager pyromaniac whose  goal is to burn everything in the house. The other player plays as an adult Fire fighter who must stop the pyromaniac burning the house down. Respectively, they represent fire and water. I have endeavoured to create the models and textures myself excluding the player models and animations, which were created using Fuse and Mixamo.

Burning Objects

Here is a short video demonstration of burning items in Pyromania. In this iteration, the player must hold E to either burn the object and douse the fire (player dependent). Once the object has had it's health depleted it will be destroyed. For every second the "Fire" player is in the vicinity of a burnable object and is holding E, the object will lose one health point.For every second the "Water" player is in the vicinity of a burnable object and is 

holding E, the object will gain one health point. While the gaining health doesn't make sense from a logical standpoint, this is largely for debugging purposes. In the next iteration of the burning mechanic, I aim to:

  1. Make it so the "Fire" player clicks on the object and can leave it to burn.

  2. Remove the ability for the "Water" player to give health back and just stop the health decreasing.

  3. Create additional textures so that the objects look like they have been burned e.g. charring on the cushions.

  4. Stop the sound effects playing once the object has been destroyed.

  5. Add animations when the player interacts 

Living Room

Living Room.PNG

Here is a current image of the Living Room of Pyromania. Some more props need to be added to make the room feel less empty. In addition, more photos need to be spread around and, ideally, the sofa should be extended by one cushion to make the wider.

The photographs in the picture frames were kindly donated by Megan Hubbard.