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A board game prototype, created by myself and Yovko Doynov



Cluless is a board game prototype created by myself and Yovko Doynov during our Games Design Principles module. The goal of the game is to complete a lap of your route (23 squares) of the board with out having your word guessed a total of 4 times. 
Players will be assigned a random word from a pile of 20 (For our prototype, we compiled a list of 20 animals) and will remove the consonants of their word from their deck of cards with all the consonants of the alphabet in them.
Once the game has been set up, players will pass their deck to the right and the game begins. The first players rolls and will gain information on the players deck based on their roll. If a player rolls a 1/2, then they draw 2 cards from the current alphabet deck that they are holding, 1 card if they roll a 3/4 and no cards if they roll a 5/6 (as well as moving the amount they rolled on the dice)
Once there has been a full rotation of movements, the players can work together or separately to try and determine what the other player's words are. If a player's word is correctly guess, they shuffle their word back into the word deck and pick a new word and adjust their alphabet decks. If the player's word is incorrectly guessed, then the player moves forward one space.
Once the guessing phase has been completed, the players pass the alphabet deck they have been drawing on and carry on play.
This cycle continues until a player completes 4 laps without getting their word guessed.
There is great potential for meta play and home rules for this game. During playtesting, one player convinced the other players to reveal the alphabet cards they had collected but did not reveal his own, thereby giving himself an advantage over them (Which was quite funny at the time). In terms of home rules, players could forgo the word lists provided and create their own, with their own degree of difficulty.

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